The object game is using the white cue ball to pot other balls in the correct sequence. The player who scores more points will win that frame, or individual game unit. The number of frames ranges from 3 to as many as 35, for World Championships.

How to Play Snooker- Equipment, and Players

How to play snooker is always played one against one. The table and ball sizes are regulated. The table is 12 feet x 6 feet and a little less than 3 feet in height. The table is equipped with six pockets into which the players pot the balls. The table is made of wood with a slate top covered in green baize. One pocket is located in each corner and two in the middle along the sides. The starting end of the table is called the baulk and has a straight line across the width of the table 29 inches away from the baulk cushion. In the centre of this is the D, which is an 11.5-inch radius semi-circle with the baulk line as its diameter.

The hard balls are about 2.t inches in diameter. There are 15 red balls. The other balls consist of one each of, black, pink, blue, brown, green, and yellow. The white ball is the cue ball. When putting the balls on the table preparing to play the colours go on their spots. The green, brown, and yellow from left to right on the baulk line across the half circle. The blue ball goes in the middle of the table and the pink half way from there and the top of the opposite end of the baulk cushion. With the black ball in the centre, which is 12 ¾ inches off the top cushion. The 15 red balls are placed in the triangle with the pink ball behind the red ball at the point.

The players use a wooden cue to strike the white ball no less than three feet in length and not deviate from the traditional and generally accepted shape and form.

How to Play Snooker- Scoring

To pot a red scores the player one point. Next, they have to nominate which colour they choose for their next shot. The value of the balls changes my colour. Black being the highest value with 7 points, pink 6, blue 5, brown 4, green 3, and yellow 2. When a ball is potted, points are scored. Each player continues until they miss a ball or commits a foul. For each foul committed the players opponent is awarded 4 points. A jump shot is not legal and considered a foul.

Winning the Game!

Simple! The winner is the person who scores the highest number of points in a frame.

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