State Billiards Title Holders

YearWinnerRunner UpHighest Break  
2019P UdyczA KaranisP udycz52
2018G LomaxP UdyczG Lomax70
2017M RendziakP UdyczM Rendziak94
2016M RendziakP UdyczP Udycz100
2015P UdyczT SamarasingheM Rendziak75
2014A KaranisM RendziakA Karanis83
2013P UdyczM RendziakP Udycz97
2012P UdyczM RendziakA Karanis93
2011P UdyczM RendziakM Rendziak144
2010A KaranisP. JonesA Karanis90
2009P UdyczR ColeP Udycz110
2008P UdyczM RendziakP Udycz95
2007P UdyczA KaranisA Karanis120
2006M RendziakP UdyczP Udycz103
2005P UdyczM RendziakP Udycz73
2004M RendziakP UdyczP Udycz111
2003M RendziakPeter UdyczA Karanis89
2002P UdyczF DewensQ.Monteleone117
2001P UdyczF DewensF Dewens71
2000P UdyczF Dewens
1999M RendziakP Udycz
1998P UdyczM RendziakP Udycz
1997M RendziakP UdyczM Rendziak
1996P UdyczM Rendziak
1995M RendziakP Udycz
1994P UdyczK W Mitchell
1993M RendziakP Udycz
1992M RendziakP Udycz
1991M RendziakK W Mitchell
1990M RendziakK W Mitchell
1989K W MitchellR DoughertyK W Mitchell89
1988R DoughertyK W MitchellK W Mitchell89
1987K W MitchellF DewensF Dewens132
1986K W MitchellR BradleyK W Mitchell-R Bradley103
1985D J ChristieR BradleyD J Christie109
1984R DoughertyD J ChristieR Dougherty106
1983R DaleR DoughertyR Dale207
1982B S WilsonK W Mitchell
1981K W MitchellB S Wilson
1980R DaleK W Mitchell
1979R DaleP Schultz
1978R DaleL Reed
1977K W MitchellR Dougherty
1976B S WilsonD J Christie
1975D J ChristieB S Wilson
1974M WilliamsB S Wilson
1973M WilliamsR Dale
1972M WilliamsL Reed
1971M WilliamsK W Mitchell
1970M WilliamsK W Mitchell
1969M Williams
1968M WilliamsW S Barrie
1967M WilliamsW S Barrie
1966M WilliamsW S Barrie
1965W S Barrie
1964M WilliamsE H Gully
1963M WilliamsE H Gully
1962W H Saunders
1961M WilliamsW H Saunders
1960T McLoughlin
1959T McLoughlin
1958J Smith
1957J H Harris
1956E H Gully
1955J H HarrisJ H Harris207
1954J H HarrisE H Gully
1953J H HarrisE H Gully
1952J H HarrisJ H Harris153
1951J H HarrisH Johnson
1950J H HarrisH JohnsonJ H Harris244
1949J H HarrisH JohnsonJ H Harris157
1948J H HarrisH JohnsonJ H Harris225
1947J H HarrisF BickmoreH L Goldsmith195
1946J H HarrisH L GoldsmithJ H Harris178
1945J H HarrisH L GoldsmithH L Goldsmith145
1944H L GoldsmithE H Gully
1943J H HarrisJ H Harris135
1942J H HarrisA H HearndenE H Gully126
1941E H GullyF BickmoreA H Hearnden127
1940W H MatthewsA H HearndenW H Matthews246
1939W H MatthewsA H HearndenW H Matthews118
1938W H MatthewsJ H HarrisA H Hearnden194
1937A H HearndenW H MatthewsH L Goldsmith125
1936W H MatthewsH L GoldsmithA H Hearnden139unf
1935W H MatthewsA H HearndenW H Matthews181
1934W H MatthewsH L GoldsmithH L Goldsmith151
1933W H MatthewsH L GoldsmithF Bickmore140
1932H L GoldsmithF BickmoreH L Goldsmith100
1931H L GoldsmithM J HanleyH L Goldsmith120
1930H L GoldsmithA H HearndenA H Hearnden132
1929A H HearndenF K StephensA H Hearnden69
1928A H HearndenF K StephensA H Hearnden90
1927W H BuchananS H WilsonW H Buchanan98
1926A H HearndenW H BuchananS H Wilson121
1925S H WilsonA H HearndenA H Hearnden66
1924W H BuchananE H HindesE H Hindes102unf
1923E H HindesW H BuchananW H Buchanan54
1922W H BuchananS H WilsonJ Brennan69
1916S H WilsonT KilmartinP.J. Flannagan79unf
1915S H WilsonA DemodenaS H Wilson62
1914S H WilsonA DemodenaA Demodena82
1913A DemodenaAW Cooper
2015 Junior State Snooker 9 400x250 - State Billiards Title Holders

Snooker Rules- How to play it the right way

To help you enjoy your time fully here at Snookers S.A. let’s talk about Snooker Rules. Snooker tables are 6’x12’ English billiard tables. The cushions are narrower than on pocket billiard tables. The balls include 15 red object balls and 6 object balls of other...

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