2015 SA State Junior Snooker


2015 SA State Junior Snooker Championships


Sponsored by Chris Wignall and Whyalla Left Hand Club

Photo Gallery

 Under 18’s

 Grand Final
Brandon Gibbs defeated Jarrod Wallace

Brandon Gibbs defeated Cooper Dart
Jarrod Wallace defeated Flynn Coulter

 Preliminary Matches

Group 1
Brandon Gibbs defeated Matthew Steele
Brandon Gibbs defeated Flynn Coulter
Flynn Coulter defeated Matthew Steele

Group 2
Jarrod Wallace defeated Stephanie Fregon
Cooper Dart defeated Stephanie Fregon
Jarrod wallace defeated Cooper Dart


 Under 15’s

 Grand Final
Cooper Dart defeated Abraham Grzona

Abraham Grzona deafeated Flynn Coulter
Cooper Dart defeated Reece O’Callaghan

 Preliminary Matches
Abraham Grzona defeated Reece O’Callaghan
Flynn Coulter defeated Johandre Venter
Cooper Dart defeated Flynn Coulter
Cooper Dart Defeated Johandre Venter
Reece O’Callaghan defeated Johandre Venter


Under 12’s

 Grand Final
Jake Grzona defeated Dilan Jenkins

 The Stars of Whyalla Shine Again.

A strong contingent of young cue-sport’s players are emerging in the State’s North West.

BSASA President, Chris Wignall directed Under 18’s, 15’s and 12’s 2015 SA Junior Snooker Championships at Whyalla Left Hand Club on May 8-9th 2015. Committee members Judy Dangerfield and Peter Weber assisted along with Alan Murphy as the senior referee.

The Whyalla Left Hand Club are encouraging the youth of their city to participate in snooker in weekly league games and 13 players entered into the recent competition. Last weekend their young players again took out all three SA State Junior Snooker titles and all three runner-up positions.

The supportive culture and positive attitude that this club displays are a credit to the work of the Whyalla Left Hand Club team. This consists of their committee, volunteers, members, supporters, players and their parents/carers and in particular, Daryle Branford and the President of the club, Andrew Grzona.

The attendees all commented on the high level of play and the high competence and sportsmanship of the players. Their politeness and immaculate presentation with white shirts, vests and bow ties was a pleasure to witness and we commend them for the spirit in which all matches were played.

Every player respected the referee’s decisions and genuinely commended and encouraged each of their opponents throughout their matches. Congratulations to all the winners and players.

BSASA sincerely thank the Whyalla Left Hand Club for their warm hospitality throughout the weekend.

With the ability, talent and positive outlook we have witnessed in Whyalla, we are confident that we will see many of these great young players and ambassadors emerge to the higher levels in cue sports.

My special thanks to our fellow BSASA Committee Members involved in this Competition, including Frank Rigano who was unfortunately unable to attend this year but, nevertheless, instigated and attended our successful SA Juniors Championship in Whyalla in 2014. Thank you to Allan Murphy – you can always be relied on to contribute. To ensure these Championships occurred, you have all generously supported all these young people in this sport we all love to play, volunteering your time, making the effort to travel to Whyalla, tirelessly participating in many capacities throughout the event, creating and contributing to a most successful tournament from which I am sure all the participants will benefit in many ways. It was a great success.

The Committee of the Billiards and Snooker Association of SA will soon be giving full consideration  and developing a strategy as to how we can meet a responsibility to interest, nurture and encourage all young (and older)  players to try and/or continue playing Snooker… and Billiards… and 8Ball. Should you have any ideas in this regard, please formally submit them for our consideration (secretary@snookersa.com.au/) and take any opportunity to discuss them with any members of your committee.

Chris Wignall
President BSASA