For all of you looking for Billiards Adelaide, reserve a pool table and join us for some awesome billiard games! Not only will you get to play on a perfect billiards table but you can also participate in events. Everybody here at Billiards Adelaide, Snooker S.A., watched the world snooker championship and ended up very motivated. Any billiards player loves to keep up with all cue sports. Let’s talk about some of our title holders for those interested in joining tournaments.

Title Holders at Billiards Adelaide and Coaches

Snooker S.A. has state championship titles, a championship final, as well as Women’s and junior. You too could be a titleholder with competitions happening on a regular basis. Become a member to enjoy the benefits. We also have life members here as well. Billiards Adelaide has become a dignified way of life for many of our visitors and members. If you need a coach, coaches are available for level 2 and level 1.

We have national titleholders here at Snooker S.A. National titleholders in Billiards, Snooker, Women’s Snooker, and Junior Snooker. We also have state Billiards, Snooker, Women’s Snooker, and Junior Snooker. Never competed for a title? Well now is the time to come and join our friendly club and learn how to be one of the best. Even if you are not into title holding this is a great place to relax, meet people, and keep the tradition of Snooker and Billiards going. Help us bring it back to its glory days here in Australia!

Snooker S.A. welcomes people of all ages and all levels. We are also looking for volunteers for undertaking voluntary work since the venue is approved to host job seekers and it is an approved activity.

Give us a call for more information or to book a table. You can reach us at +610872305810.