Individual Award


Warren King Trophy – A Grade  
2015Gordon PalekaMatchroom Gold
2014Arthur KaranisMatchroom Saints
2013Peter UdyczThe Rebels
2012Mark JarvisMatchroom Muppets
2011Scott MitchellThe Muppets
2010Tad BabiakUltimate Gold
2009Gordon PalekaUltimate Gold
2008Tad BabiakUltimate Gold
2007Brian BensonMatchroom Muppets
2006Jason TuckerUltimate Gold
2005Tad BabiakUltimate Gold
2004Jason TuckerUltimate Gold
2003Dave RothallUltimate Gold
2002Tad BabiakUltimate Gold
Mark Jarvis Trophy – C Grade  
2015Stuart CampbellMatchroom Sharks
2014Alex ChanMatchroom Masada
2013Judy DangerfieldMatchsticks
2012Habib IsaccMatchroom Mob
2011Dale StuchburyMatchroom Platinum
2010Shane NealMatchroom Platinum
2009Michael wayUltimate Platinum
2008Dennis FaulknerHolden Hill Nonames
2007Perry LamMatchroom C
2006Brian BensonUltimate Platinum
2004Ricky LiuMatchroom C
Max Williams Trophy- B Grade  
2015Simon BalinBritish Ballbags
2014Paul ScholesColonel Light Gdns RSL Blue
2013Peter WeberBritish Ballbags
2012BrianMollisonBrighton RSL
2011Paul ScholesColonel Light Gdns RSL Blue
2010Rob WoodMatchroom Mojo
2009David LimareffColonel Light Gdns RSL
2008Russell AllardColonel Light Gdns RSL
2007John QuinlanUltimate Cannons
2006Frank RiganoMatchroom United
2005Steve EdwardsHenley & Grange RSL
2004Steve EdwardsHenley & Grange RSL
2003Brad AnkorHenley & Grange RSL Green
2002Brad EllisHustlers White
Tad Babiak Trophy- D Grade  
2011Kelly ReillyMatchroom Mayhem
2009Derek HillUltimate Platinum
2008John LambertHenley & Grange RSL Blue
2007Dennis FaulknerNorwood Old Boys
2006Joe Lam & Perry LamMatchroom D
2015 Junior State Snooker 9 400x250 - Individual Award

Snooker Rules- How to play it the right way

To help you enjoy your time fully here at Snookers S.A. let’s talk about Snooker Rules. Snooker tables are 6’x12’ English billiard tables. The cushions are narrower than on pocket billiard tables. The balls include 15 red object balls and 6 object balls of other...

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