Billiards League Premiers

Billiards League Premiers  
2016-17Loose CannonsHas-Beens
2015-16ToywigsMissed by a Tad
2014-15Follicles & BrassoFloating Whites
2013-14Floating WhitesFred Fish & The Chips
2012-13Four & A Half MenFloating Whites
2011-12Good Old GuysBreakers
2010-11Full MontyBreakers
2009-10Winning HazardsMatchroom Good Guys
2008-09Three BallsGold Muppets
2007-08Gold MuppetsHolden Hill Hacks
2015 Junior State Snooker 9 400x250 - Billiards League Premiers

Snooker Rules- How to play it the right way

To help you enjoy your time fully here at Snookers S.A. let’s talk about Snooker Rules. Snooker tables are 6’x12’ English billiard tables. The cushions are narrower than on pocket billiard tables. The balls include 15 red object balls and 6 object balls of other...

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