2017 SA State Snooker Schedule

Groups 1,2 & 3 commence Sat 21 Oct 10:30am.

Group 1

Glenn Domeika
Jason Ahmad
Rob Wood
Stewart Robinson
Dennis Wignall
Barry Jenner

Group 2

Rick Emery
Graeme Halligan
Kane Weekley
Peter Weber
Sam Macken
Darren Mace

Group 3

Sawan Naker
Paul Hancock
Danyal Porter
Jayden Domeika
Judy Dangerfield
Hilton Moeahy

Groups 4 & 5 commence Sun 22 Oct 10:30am.

Group 4

Ryan Xu
Phil Jones
Shane Murphy
Gary Hazell
Sarah Moeahy
James Giannaros

Group 5

Peter Darby
Michael Cacciola
Tanurag Gautam
Grant Weekley
Chris Wignall
Keasy Brownlie
  • Group winners are decided on matches won followed by frame differential. In the event of a tie the winner is decided on who won in their head to head match.
  • Top 2 from each group progress through to the round of 16 knockout stage.
  • All round robin matches will be a race to 2 frames (Best of 3 frames).
  • All matches are self-refereed. There will be a central roving referee that can be called upon if you need assistance in a refereeing decision.
  • Round of 16, Fri 27 Oct 7:30pm. Race to 3 frames (Best of 5)
  • Round of 8, Sat 28 Oct 1:00pm. Race to 4 frames (Best of 7)
  • Semi-final, Sat 28 Oct 7:30pm. Race to 5 frames (Best of 9)
  • Final, Sun 29 Oct 3:00pm. Race to 6 frames (Best of 11)