Teams Championship League

Thu 16 March - 15 June, + finals rounds

Fill in players subject to their availability
Ashwin Mankodi800432 432 234
John Quinlan600428 668 103Available 2 weeks in every 4.
Col Conlan550488 164 014After Apr 2 and then until April/May only
Andrew Michailov450430 109 401Need to play first-up. Early starts in mornings.
Greg Bowman250427 010 478
Mitul Shroff250431 333 900
Chris Sharpley200404 688 243
Barry Jenner100411 622 299Not available until April

10 Teams
Baize of Glory200Glenn Domeika(60), Kestas Krivickas(55), Homayoun Ajdari(45), Phil Reilly(Captain,40)
Darby's team200Peter Darby(Captain,85), Dennis Faulkner(40), Spyro Polymiadis(40), Imran Khalid(35)
Graeme's team200Graeme Halligan(Captain,65), Adrian Kerr(55), Rick Cox(50), John Barnes(30)
Judy and the Boys200Peter Udycz(90), Judy Dangerfield(Captain,50), Phil Angel(35), Jim Papoulis(25)
Pocket Rockets200James Giannaros(80), Shane Neal(50), Peter Weber(Captain,40), Chris Wignall(30)
Straight Shooters200Steve Edwards(70), Max Rendziak(60), Dominic Ritorto(Captain,50), Khadadad Dosti(20)
The Ray Reardons200Ray Farley(Captain,90), Swenson Su(50), Davy Wong(40), Reza Mohammadi(20)
Szyslak Allstars190Craig Hese(Captain,65), Vijay Pokharel(60), Cory Geddes(35), David Greig(30)
Ronnie's Boys180Gordon Paleka(90), Kym Saunders(55), Derek Hill(Captain,35)Need a 4th player at rank 20 or less
Louis team175Louis Chand(80), Shane Murphy(40), Karan Kataria(30), Brian Jones(25)

Players needing a team